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The Samaritan House offers a range of programs & services focused on building new foundations for individuals and their families.


We are the only residential facility in the Tri-County Area of Orangeburg, Calhoun, Bamberg County that provide homeless men, women, and children with access to temporary shelter, hot meals, and stabilization services in an atmosphere that makes them feel at home.  Our programs are aimed at building new foundations for individuals and families as we work too reintegrate them into the community.  We accept individuals into the shelter through three different programs that focus on the specialized needs of that person or their family.

Emergency Program

An individual may stay in an Emergency Program (bed) for up to 90 days. During this time they receive all services. By the end of the 90 days the resident must decide if they are ready to move into another bed level and start working towards stabilizing their life.

Stabilization Program

The program will provide case management services and short-term housing up to 6 months, including the previous two months (depending upon bed space), to individual homeless men and women who are motivated and ready to participate in a structured program of recovery, including increasing their income and securing permanent housing. Provides services and housing that allow homeless people the opportunity to stabilize from their crisis and develop a plan to improve their employment, housing, health care, mental health, and addiction issues as needed.

Extended Program

This program provides housing to adequately address personal obstacles so that the clients can achieve self-sufficiency, improve skills, increase knowledge and change behaviors to maintain permanent housing. Clients must meet all program requirements and also are expected to obtain and sustain income (from employment, benefits, or both) and to save money once they have income. Clients will work more intensively with a Case Manager to improve skills and knowledge and change behaviors so that they can attain and maintain appropriate permanent housing. Each need will be assessed, and a plan will be designed to assist him or her to enter the workforce and budget his or her money.



Rapid Re-Housing Program: This program provides housing relocation and stabilization services and short and/or medium-term rental assistance to help a homeless individual or family move as quickly as possible into permanent housing and achieve stability in that housing.


Educational Assistance 
Financial Literacy
Health Care Services
Housing Assistance Services
Mental Health Assistance

Personal and Professional Development
Spiritual Enrichment
Substance Abuse Assistance
Workforce Development

Helping Hands


Homeless People Need You - People Helping People

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