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In The Kitchen with Chef Whittaker

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Culinary Chef and Samaritan House Board Member, Whittaker Williams treated patrons, board members and City officials to an evening of culinary delight. For a minimum contribution of $150 to The Samaritan House of Orangeburg, those who attended were treated to tastings of his signature dishes prepared on-site at the First Baptist Church Family Life Center.

Chef Whittaker believes “food is powerful. And eating is a very social activity that brings people together, helps people make fond memories, and so much more. Since every-one has to eat, I wanted to do something from my heart to benefit a worthy organization. Typically fundraisers that involves food are usually very popular and successful.”

The Sumaritan House of Orangeburg Fundraiser In The Kitchen with Chef Whittaker Newsletter
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